Business Certificate: Entrepreneurial Studies Certificate

The Entrepreneurial Studies certificate is a credit-bearing program designed to fit within the AA Core degree. Completion of this degree will provide students with the option to transfer to a public, four-year institution.  Students pursuing the Entrepreneurial Studies certificate are doing so because they have ideas on possibly launching their own small business in the future, but would like to complete a Bachelor's degree prior to launching.  Entrepreneurial Studies students, if they discover they have a viable business option as they complete their time at CCA, may switch over to the Entrepreneurial Launch certificate and start-up immediately while still being a student at CCA.

Students will explore intermediate and advanced entrepreneurial theory and research similar to that found within the Entrepreneurial Launch certificate but will not complete the incubator component of the program.  Upon completion of this certificate, and the remaining AA Core requirements, student have the option to transfer to a public, four-year college with the intent to complete their Bachelor's degree.  A natural fit for these students would be to pursue a Bachelor's degree in a business-related field at the four-year level; however, the Entrepreneurial Studies certificate will complement many other degrees that are offered at four-year institutions.

Required Courses

Entrepreneurial Studies Certificate: 18 credits

ENP 105Intro to Entrepreneurship


ENP 106E-ship Opp.Feasibility Study


ENP 206Entrepreneurship Legal Issues


ENP 207Entrepreneurship Financial Topics


ENP 209Entrepreneurship Business Plan


MAN 288Practicum




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