Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act

CCA supports and complies with the Student Right to Know, Campus Security Act and the Jeanne Clery disclosure requirements.

In accordance with 20 U.S.C.§1092, information about campus security is available online at and from the Director of Campus Security, CentreTech Campus, Administration Building, Room A103I. The College’s Annual Security Report (ASR) can be found at the Lowry Campus and can be obtained online through the Colorado Community College System Web site at Electronically, you may find a copy of both Lowry and CentreTech’s ASR at the Campus Security and Safety link on You may receive a paper copy of the College’s Annual Security Report by requesting one at the Security Office on the CentreTech Campus, Administration Building, Room A101. A list of registered sexual offenders in the area can be obtained through the Aurora Police Department at 303-739-6308 or online at Security at the CentreTech Campus is located in the Administration Building, Room A101, 303-360-4727. The Security office for the Lowry Campus is located at 700 Boston Street, 303-419-5557 or 720-858-2731.

Administrative Responsibility

Responsibility for CCA Security at the CentreTech Campus is assigned to the Campus Security under the supervision of the Vice-President of Administrative Services. Responsibility for CCA security at the Lowry Campus is assigned to Lowry Campus Security under the supervision of the Vice President for Administration and Finance for the Colorado Community College System.

Level of Security

The Community College of Aurora strives to provide a safe and healthy environment that enhances the learning process. Each student and employee should be able to attend classes, work on campus, and/or participate in activities with a feeling that they are in an environment that is safe and secure. The college provides its students and employees with a level of security equal to that afforded similar activities throughout the community.



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